Treologic | 09.24.08 | Chicago

By: Nicole Smith

Treologic :: 09.24.08 :: Darkroom :: Chicago, IL

After an hour and a half of sitting through three monotonous sets by three different monotonous musicians, Treologic‘s performance was not only welcomed, it was ravenously longed for. Not wishing to waste any more precious time, the anxious band of four did not set up their own equipment. They cut off the emcee and took to the stage. Mics were quickly grabbed, drumsticks spun and they instantly transported the crowd with them on their exquisite journey, blasting towards a hip-hop extravaganza.

The unique environment maintained within the walls of this local bar/lounge is done so for the purpose of not only showcasing local music but also local photography, hence, the beautiful, soft red ambiance of the Darkroom is intended to keep true to the environment of a photographer’s work area. And, on the stage on this particular night, Treologic’s progressive and edgy beats met a perfect environmental harmony, regardless of the size of the crowd.

Frontman MC Billa knew exactly what he came to do and he tore it up with a high quality performance, where the intensity was dripping with a wide variety of musical flavors. Mixing hip-hop and reggae beats with well-mastered rock jams and heart pumping prose, Treologic captivated the crowd with confidence. If the red tapestries covering the walls were made of glass, the resounding musical effects would have been reflected in broken shards covering the ground, having shattered from the strength and force their liberating freestyles delivered.

Song after song, rhyme after rhyme, I was dragged by the hair up a musical staircase, with each new step, a new beat, the growing elevation intensifying my musical experience, overloading my senses. I was forced to embark on an epiphany of hip-hop wonderment, only to reach the top wanting to jump right off to do it all over again.

Coming from a wide variety of musical influences – Art Blakey, Run D.M.C., Medeski Martin & Wood, Trey Anastasio – the combined influential force is difficult to top. While all reside in Chicago, few originally hail from this great city, yet they have mastered the concept of Chicago hip-hop.

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