Tom Waits Shares Remixed Edition Of ‘Real Gone’


ANTI- Records has released a remixed and remastered edition of Tom Waits’ 2004 album Real Gone. The revamped version of the album is part of an ongoing series of reissues from the singer-songwriters’ acclaimed back catalog.

Utilizing the original master tapes, Waits and his longtime collaborator and wife Kathleen Brennan prepared the updated version of Real Gone. The new edition is said to be, “a rare look into the creative process of the influential artist taking an opportunity to re-investigate a pivotal work … some of the new mixes are radical transformations from the original versions and the whole album crackles and steams with fuller intensity and more vivid intimacy.”

The original album saw Waits eschew piano and traditional rhythm instruments in favor of experimental sounds produced by, “an array of mouth made percussions and a beautifully cacophonous symphony of at times unidentifiable noises to create an alternately sad and jubilant re-imagining of folk, blues and hip-hop.”

In addition to the remixed Real Gone, ANTI- today is also releasing remastered versions of Waits’ 2002 albums Alice and Blood Money. They will be followed next month by remastered editions of Glitter and Doom and Mule Variations and Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards in 2018.

Give a listen to the remixed edition of Real Gone below: