Tom Marshall Remakes Amfibian’s ‘Skip The Goodbyes’ With Trey Anastasio & More For Osiris


Osiris Media premiered video featuring a new version of Amfibian‘s “Skip The Goodbyes.” Amfibian mastermind and Osiris co-founder Tom Marshall provides lead vocals and is joined in the video, via each musician’s home studio, by longtime Amfibian member Anthony Krizan on all instruments and vocals except for a solo from Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio and keyboards provided by John Ginty.

“Skip The Goodbyes” was the title track of Amfibian’s 2007 studio album. Anastasio served as guest guitarist on the original as well. “Fifteen years ago Anthony Krizan and I wrote a song called ‘Skip the Goodbyes’ — which would later come out on Amfibian’s album with the same name,” wrote Marshall in a note accompanying the video. “We were mixing it in New York and learned that Trey was in a studio nearby. We walked the tapes over to him and he added a guitar track to the song.

“Today — we re-made the song, and asked Trey to reprise his role as guest guitarist. Here is the result:”

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