Tom Marshall Appears On Helping Friendly Podcast & Announces New Podcast

By Andy Kahn Nov 4, 2016 1:54 pm PDT

Phish lyricist Tom Marshall was the latest guest on the Helping Friendly Podcast. During the interview he revealed the pending launch of a companion podcast of his own called Under The Scales. Marshall’s podcast will focus on the experiences of fans and the culture surrounding Phish rather than examing the music, which will continue to be the focus of the HF Pod.

During the interview Tom recalls the first time his writing partner Trey Anastasio played him a rough cut of the band’s 1990 album Lawn Boy. He and the Phish guitarist’s famed writing sessions that began in 1997 are detailed and Marshall speaks about the tradition of sharing writing credit and how Trey is often generous with including him.

Marshall also tells a wild tale about a dangerous misadventure Trey found himself on when they were on a songwriting trip to the Bahamas several years ago. There’s also a frank discussion about dealing with his friend during Trey’s struggles with substance abuse.

The debut episode of Under The Scales will be available on Monday, November 7. Here’s a link to the official website for the podcast. Listen to the HF Pod episode with Tom below:

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