Tishamingo: The Point

By: Kerry Heffernan

Channeling a sound from long ago, Tishamingo bring yesterday’s Southern Rock vibrations into the minds and souls of today. The band’s third studio release, The Point (Magnatude), is ripe with gritty rock ‘n’ roll that seeps from every orifice and instrument of this Georgia band.

Precise guitars with distinctive riffs are coupled with thumping bass lines that’ll inspire uncontrollable foot stomping and knee slapping. Soaring, twangy vocals are an excellent catalyst for their deep-rooted southern sound that penetrates the eardrums and the spirit. Showing respect and reverence for their down home roots, the ballads tell tales of pain and sorrow, loss and strife, but these stories also explore redemption, hope and strength provided by the almighty Lord and savior. Amen and Halleluiah.

There’s a deep level of musicianship on The Point,. Transitions take quintessential blues riffs into uncharted jam territory. Ambiguous metaphors saturate many of the lyrical schemes, which are enhanced with reverberating sound effects and echoes. This all creates a sound that’s full of improvisation and experimentation that builds on their natural aggression.

Tishamingo’s cover of The Band’s “Chest Fever” is a highlight here, a testament to the true hearted musicianship of these country gents, proving they’re far more than just another southern rock band out of Athens, GA. But hell, who are we kidding? They play that role pretty damn well, too.

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