Tim Flannery Shares Note From Bob Weir About Condition

When a statement came out on Sunday announcing the cancellation of all upcoming Bob Weir & RatDog shows, rumors flew about the “circumstances” that “necessitated” the move. One of Bobby’s friends went right to “The Chief” himself and shared the email he received from Weir.

Tim Flannery, a former professional baseball player and current coach with the San Francisco Giants, who’s also a talented musician that fronts a band called Lunatic Fringe, has forged a friendship with Weir over the years. The two have shared the stage a number of times and teamed with Tim’s brother Tom to sing the National Anthem at AT&T Park last year. Flannery was concerned about Weir and sent him an email. Tim shared the response on the Tim Flannery and Lunatic Fringe Facebook Page:

“Thnx, I’m doing fine, just a bit too much work and especially travel. This year has been especially busy; I’ve put in more miles in the first six months than I normally do in a year. Taking some time off, which I haven’t done in 50 years…


Among Weir’s upcoming gigs was a set at this weekend’s Peach Music Festival. A few lineup changes have been announced in the wake of Bobby’s cancellation.