The New Deal Shares Surprise New Album ‘Phoenix’


The New Deal dropped a surprise new album today. Phoenix can be streamed below.

In March, tND announced drummer Davide Di Renzo had joined the Toronto-based trio alongside longtime members bassist Dan Kurtz and keyboardist Jamie Shields. Di Renzo replaced Joel Stouffer, who joined the group in 2014 and appeared their last album, 2016’s Mercury Switch. The 12-track Phoenix is made up of the five-part “Grasping Thin Air,” the three-part “Dorado III” and the four-part “Machina Electrica.”

Shields shared the following note regarding Phoenix:

Dan, Davide and I are incredibly proud to announce the release of Phoenix – the first New Deal album in three years.

Phoenix marks the first volume in a series of releases that we’re calling “The Asylum Sessions”. These sessions were composed, performed, recorded and mixed live off-the-floor at Dan’s Asylum studio with no overdubs and minimal editing. Over time we managed to compile close to sixty hours of improvised music and when we first started listening back to these sessions we all realized that we had something very special to share with our fans and fellow music lovers. Phoenix is but a very small drop in a very big bucket of music that The New Deal is preparing to share with the world.

The sessions were recorded using a variety of methods. Some of them were recorded to multi-track (allowing us some greater flexibility for mixing later on) but most were just recorded directly to a final mix that MSG captained in real-time while we played.

These sessions perfectly distill the core creative concept of The New Deal, which is to create music as a unit on stage (or in the studio) without a net and with complete and total trust in each other both as musicians and as bandmates. I’d say that 98% of The Asylum Sessions tracks were developed on-the-fly and with zero preparation. It’s within that context that Phoenix (and all future “Asylum Sessions” volumes) should be approached and enjoyed. We’re incredibly proud of this music and we feel that it is a spot-on creative representation of the three of us in that exact moment in time.

What more can we ask for from a record?

Playing music with Davide has been a revelation, to say the least. When the three of us are on stage I feel completely free and open to exploring any musical ideas that may materialize. Our mantra has always been to “let it all hang out” but sometimes that’s easier said than done. In the past I have found that thinking too much about what’s happening on stage inhibits my musical flow. With Davide behind the kit I can honestly say that I’ve never found myself “thinking” about anything while we play. It has been a complete communion of musical minds that has resulted in some of the best music that I’ve been a part of in The New Deal.

Phoenix is the first of many such offerings. I speak on Dan and Davide’s behalf when I tell you that The New Deal is incredibly proud to be able to keep on releasing music and we look forward to putting out many more such albums in the near (and not-so-near) future.


The trio recently detailed Fall Tour 2019 and Winter Tour 2020 schedules. Stream theNEWDEAL’s surprise new album Phoenix here: