The South American Edition: Boogarins & Chicos de Nazca


Boogarins: Manual

I hope you haven’t inked in your top albums of 2015 yet! I’ve got a few more good ones to recommNed in the next few weeks, starting with a pair from the southern hemisphere. First up is Boogarins, a young band from Brazil whose sophomore album, Manual is sure to be on my personal list. The band mixes jammy elements with addictive grooves, some heavy rockin’ and a more local Tropicalia feel, but really, their sound transcends genre and pigeonholing; it’s its own thing and can best be summed up as really freakin’ good. In a year filled with fabulous new music, this is a genuine must-hear.

Spotify: /album/796Jr2VeYeq3Ec80157lnA

Rhapsody: artist/boogarins/album/manual

Chicos de Nazca: Blowing Inside

If you’re looking for something a little heavier from South America, I got just the thing. Hopping over the continent to Chile, a veritable psych-rock hot spot, we have Chicos De Nazca and their blazing new one Blowing Inside. This one is exploding with psychedelic guitar jammers perfect for vicious headbanging or trippy, Chilean mountains-of-the-mind zoning out. Enjoy!

Spotify: /album/2wVBvFkMCAq4e2SRwxjLPy

Rhapsody: nazca/album/blowing-inside-blowing-inside