The National’s Bryan Devendorf Forms Royal Green & Releases Album


The National drummer Bryan Devendorf announced a new group dubbed Royal Green. Devendorf launched the project with the release of Royal Green’s self-titled debut.

Recorded in Brooklyn, Devendorf co-produced the eight-song set with Nate Martinez. The record features cover artwork by Nancy Hollinghurst as well as design by Bryan’s brother and National band mate, Scott Devendorf.


“Devendorf’s Royal Green approach was a ‘many-channels-open’ style of creation,” as per a statement. “Satellite signals, strange voices from lost television documentaries and radio operas are all woven into its fabric — like it’s using these endless tides of media and information to unlock the subconscious.”

Royal Green features a number of covers from The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Fleetwood Mac as well as a nod to The National, collectively described as “stunning, albeit satanic takes on hymns, or like American standards almost dragged into the underworld.”

“For all the amphitheaters and festival fields Devendorf has played to over his career,” the statement continued, “Royal Green almost feels like an un-learning and a newfound love of homemade/found/fractured sounds — and how, if collaged just so, detritus can become stunningly gorgeous and surreal…the unspooling, slightly unglued dream-pop of ‘Breaking the River’ is as rapturous as it is sinister.”


The aforementioned “Breaking The River” features Devendorf on drums and vocals, his National bandmate Aaron Dessner on guitar, bass from their Bob Weir Campfire Band compadre Josh Kaufman with lyrics and melody from Pope Rathman as well as additional contributions from Nate Martinez. The track arrived with a music video directed by Owen Cummings and starring Murray Cummings.

Watch the video for “Breaking The River” and stream Royal Green below:

Royal Green Tracklist:
  1. Frosty
  2. If Not For You
  3. Breaking The River
  4. Baby You’re A Rich Man
  5. What If You Are The Sick Passenger
  6. Halo Chagrin
  7. Hallucinations
  8. Dreams
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