The Mother Hips Detail Ultimate Setlist Show

By Andy Kahn Nov 21, 2016 12:47 pm PST

Veteran Bay Area band The Mother Hips have shared details of their upcoming Ultimate Setlist concert. Fans can get in on the action and choose what songs and in what order they’re played for the group’s show on December 17.

The Mother Hips will host the two set Ultimate Setlist show during the second of two nights at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Guitarists Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono, bassist Scott Thunes and drummer John Hofer are asking fans to send in their suggested setlists by December 4, at which point they’ll select five to be voted on with a winning list chosen on December 9. Here’s how the submission process works:

Everyone should send their set list to [email protected]. The rules are the usual rules in that these should be songs that the band has written or played throughout their careers. You can choose songs from either Tim or Greg’s solo careers as well. Your set list should contain 24 songs. All the band asks is that people try to be as creative as possible crafting their set lists. Even though they only choose 5 they love reading all of them and they definitely influence the band’s set list making in the future. The last 2 songs will be used as an encore.

Follow this link for the complete announcement from The Mother Hips.

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