The Motet Shares New Single ‘Highly Compatible’

By Scott Bernstein Jan 11, 2019 12:29 pm PST

Colorado funk act The Motet will release their ninth studio album, Death Or Devotion, via their own label one week from today on Friday, January 25. The band just unveiled the discofied single “Highly Compatible.”

“Highly Compatible” has a sound straight out of the late-70s and features a string section. The song is one of nine new originals included on Death Or Devotion. “The essence is always going to be the groove, but we wanted to expand the idea of what a funk album could be,” said vocalist Lyle Divinsky. “Of course, you want a driving backbeat. However, with the division that’s going on in this country and the world, I think it’s every artist’s responsibility to create a conversation. That conversation doesn’t have to be political either. It can be about love or an introspective journey. I think the commentary should be on what it’s like to be alive today. By drawing on funk, we create a fun, palatable musical vehicle for the message to go down. Our goal is for you to recognize we’re all dancing on the same dance floor—even though our steps may look a little different.”

Listen to “Highly Compatible” below:

The Motet plays in Aspen tonight and heads to Telluride tomorrow before embarking on Jam Cruise 17 next week.

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