The JamBase Podcast Episode 20: The Motet Vocalist Lyle Divinsky & Tour Manager Tony Hume


Episode 20 of The JamBase Podcast is live and ready for your listening enjoyment. The latest installment of the podcast starts, as usual, with “The Rundown.” Next comes two interviews taped earlier this summer at the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, California. Vocalist Lyle Divinsky of The Motet sits for a “Quit My Day Job” segment and the Colorado funk band’s tour manager Tony Hume provides an “All Access” look at the various behind the scenes jobs he’s held in the music industry.

Hosts David Onigman and Andy Kahn begin the episode with a discussion of recent news stories. “The Rundown” opens with a recap of the many collaborations that took place at this year’s Lockn’ Festival in Arrington, Virginia. DaveO and Andy then dig into a discussion of Phish‘s recently concluded tour including this past weekend’s run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Denver.

The episode continues with Lyle Divinsky’s “Quit My Day Job” chat with host Scott Bernstein. Lyle discusses the role his father played in his musical development and how he “found” his voice. Divinsky left his home in Maine to attend Skidmore College, where he participated in a number of projects that helped him evolve from the singer-songwriter realm to the funk and soul worlds. He then headed to New York City and quickly quit his job at a coffee shop after four days to focus on busking at subway stations. Lyle also talks about his return to Maine as well as how he landed the gig with The Motet during his chat with Scotty.

Finally, Episode 20 concludes with The Motet’s tour manager Tony Hume taking ScottyB through what his current role entails and the path that led him to the position. Hume started as a musician before making the decision to work behind the scenes. Tony discusses his time on the road with the late Col. Bruce Hampton as well as some of the lessons he learned from the patriarch of the jam scene. In addition, Hume details the various jobs he’s held behind the scenes at festivals.

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