The Habit: Debut Album, New Video


Like Lincoln? Like interesting immigration tales? Like gritty, rootsy rock ‘n’ roll? If you answered yes to all three questions then Brooklyn’s The Habit have you covered. With a sound that echoes the traditional-meets-modern sensibilities of Uncle Tupelo, X and The Jayhawks, The Habit seize one from the first onrushing notes of their stellar 2011 debut Lincoln Has Won. This is a band whose passions fly flagrantly, an open embrace of the boldness and slow but ever-forward marching social evolution that has marked America’s history – a reminder just when we need one that as divisive as it all feels right now, this country has been great and humane and empathetic in ways that make the rest of the planet stand up and stare. Lincoln Has Won captures both the wild swinging grain of America’s personality as well as its quieter, more reflective side, presenting both the romance and reality of this strange, still remarkably young country (by historical standards). If that all sounds a touch cerebral, the music is nothing of the sort – earthy, immediate and very rock ‘n’ roll. The Habit is a discovery for anyone sweet on The Band, Gillian Welch and Great American Taxi. (Dennis Cook)

Here’s the video for the lead-off track from their debut. Watch for a primo cameo from rock all-time great Ivan Julian near the end.

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