The Disco Biscuits’ Jon Gutwillig Launches ‘Touchdowns All Day With Jon Barber’ Podcast


The Disco Biscuits guitarist Jon Gutwillig is now a podcast host. Gutwillig launched Touchdowns All Day With Jon Barber as part of the Osiris network. Three episodes are now available for your listening pleasure.

Known as “The Barber,” Gutwillig plans to talk about the music he’s involved with by previewing future performances and providing recaps of shows that already took place. Everything that he does when it comes to playing and writing is on the table for discussion on Touchdowns All Day.

As an example, if the Biscuits are slated to host a three-night stand in Colorado, he’ll do a “pre-show” before the run in which he’ll spin music from past tDB concerts in Colorado and explain the band’s history with the area. After the run takes place, he will recap the shows by playing music from the concerts and providing commentary on what went down. Listeners are asked to join the conversation by using the hashtag “#TouchdownsAllDay” and interacting with Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig on Twitter.

“It’s a great way to connect with all the people in my world,” Gutwillig stated in the first episode. “It’s a nice way to connect with listeners on a more conversational level … I’m putting myself in a situation where I have to listen to [every show] and I have to go through it and explain it from my point of view. You guys can take it from there and give me some feedback on what you think about what I’m saying and then we have a little loop going … I’ll understand what we’re creating and how we’re creating it better and then we can make better donuts for you guys.”

While Gutwillig expects there will be surprises in store, he does not plan to bring guests on his program. Additional topics that will be discussed are classic tDB shows, tour life and other subjects Barber finds interesting. The guitarist also revealed his performance with Lotus at the upcoming Disc Jam Music Festival comes because the band’s regular guitarist, Mike Rempel is unavailable. Listen to the first episode of Touchdowns All Day With Jon Barber below:

Head to Apple Podcasts to subscribe and Simplecast to listen to future episodes. Touchdowns All Day With Jon Barber can also be streamed right here on JamBase.

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