The DEA Edition: Drug Cabin, Mild High Club, Coke Weed & Jaill


Drug Cabin: Wiggle Room

While summer is in the rear-view mirror, that doesn’t mean we can’t listen to one of the more summery, sunny-day discoveries I’ve made in 2015. Drug Cabin is an easy, country-infused, Laurel-Canyonesque band that started as a bit of a spin-off side project but has enough legs and great songs to be a thing. Their second release of 2015, Wiggle Room, is definitely a thing, a twangy chunk of summer to tuck away for a cloudy day. Like the best buzz, this one gets better as it goes on. Featuring one of my favorite self-descriptive song titles of the year (and strongest track on the album) in “Steely Dad.”

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Rdio: rtist/Drug_Cabin/album/Wiggle_Room/


Mild High Club: Timeline

Timeline, the debut full-length from Mild High Club, starts off with a short instrumental thing called “Club Intro” that plays like a stoner secret handshake into the punster-named “club.” Like, man, if you can handle some superb laid-back ’60s psych guitar swirls, you’re gonna do just fine here, man. But seriously, Timeline is a an excellent slice of expertly-layered psych/prog/glam tiramusu, light and flavorful and hits the perfect spot for your high-end munchies.

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Bandcamp: /album/timeline

Coke Weed: Mary Weaver

Feeling anything yet? Well, maybe Coke Weed will get you where you need to get. Somehow the band’s name encapsulates the sound: it’s as if ganj-tinged ’60s garage came after party-all-night ’70s disco boogie with a dose of kraut-y flavor. Their newest release, Mary Weaver, is out on BBIB and is full of dreamy vocals, stark melodic guitar riffs and a somewhat surprising amount of flat-out groove. Lots to love here and it’ll get you pretty high, I think.

Spotify: /album/0m2ekU9WD4PZVJ8BNxtweX

Rhapsody: weaver

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Soundcloud: mary-weaver

Jaill: Brain Cream

Man, if you don’t shape up your act, you’re going to end up in Jaill (which is better than jail, I believe). This RecommNed alum is back after a bit of turmoil: label change, lineup changes, you know, the usual. No matter, the Wisconsin rockers, led by frontman Vincent Kirchner, deliver on Brain Cream with a wide-reaching set of tunes, mostly of the excellent, turn-that-shit-up variety. At times catchy, raucous, psychedelic, fun, surfy and passionate, this is one of my favorite rock and roll albums of 2015. Enjoy!

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