The Bad Plus: Made Possible


eOne Music is excited to announce the release of The Bad Plus‘s new album, Made Possible, on September 25, 2012. Recorded in upstate New York, it is The Bad Plus’ (bassist Reid Anderson, pianist Ethan Iverson, drummer David King) eighth studio effort and ninth release overall. The nine tracks on Made Possible – eight originals plus a loving nod to the late Paul Motian (“Victoria”) – showcase everything this groundbreaking group is capable of: pulse-pounding anthems, bright-eyed melancholia, bold juxtapositions, tunefully mathy contortions and a masterful sense of song. As ever, the sum effect is a welcome demolition of what listeners might expect from an instrumental trio. premiered a short documentary on the making of Made Possible. Check it out below.

“This band contains some of the most punk energy I’ve ever seen or felt as a musician – it just doesn’t need to do it so obviously,” King says. “That’s our statement. It’s a complex emotion.”

Throughout its career, The Bad Plus has held fast to a band ethos (deeply collaborative with no “leader”) and a belief in what its members like to call avant-garde populism (progressive, musically sophisticated ideas without the highbrow trappings). Made Possible is a vivid and convincing document of this passionate stance, loaded with genre-defying music that is at once complex, heartfelt and instantly engaging.

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