Temple Of The Dog Reunion At Pearl Jam’s PJ20 In 2011


In 1990, members of seminal Seattle rock bands Soundgarden and Pearl Jam came together to form Temple Of The Dog following the death of Mother Love Bone frontman Andrew Wood. The now recognized supergroup made up of Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready, bassist Jeff Ament, and both bands’ drummer Matt Cameron (along with help from Eddie Vedder) issued just one self-titled album in 1991. Yesterday, in celebration of the LP’s 25th anniversary and reissue, it was revealed the band would set out on their first tour later this year.

For Throwback Thursday, below is footage from September 3 and 4, 2011 at Pearl Jam’s pair of 20th anniversary concerts at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin. Each night of the PJ20 celebration saw Cornell join Pearl Jam for a Temple Of The Dog reunion. Cornell emerged during the first encore the first night to lead the ensemble through “Stardog Champion” a song Ament and Gossard recorded as members of Mother Love Bone. The Temple Of The Dog reunion continued with “Say Hello 2 Heaven” which Cornell dedicated to Wood. Night two saw Cornell return at the end of the show for Temple Of The Dog originals “Hunger Strike,” “Call Me A Dog,” “All Night Thing” and “Reach Down.”

A video compiling audience-shot footage of much of the Temple Of The Dog reunion at PJ20 was created by TheSteved111 and can be viewed below:



  1. Stardog Champion (September 3)
  2. Say Hello To Heaven (September 3)
  3. Hunger Strike (September 4)
  4. Call Me A Dog (September 4)
  5. All Night thing (September 4)
  6. Reach Down (September 4)

Tour Dates for Temple Of The Dog