Full Tedeschi Trucks Band Reunites At LOCKN’ Farm

Watch highlights from the group's headlining performances at their Arrington, Virginia mini-festival.

By Scott Bernstein Aug 30, 2021 8:54 am PDT

Tedeschi Trucks Band assembled the entire ensemble to headline a mini-festival at LOCKN’ Farm over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday’s performances in Arrington, Virginia marked the first for the full Tedeschi Trucks Band since February 29, 2020 due to the pandemic. Members of the group have performed as Tedeschi Trucks over the past few months.

Guitarists Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, bassist Brendan Boone, keyboardist Gabe Dixon, drummers Tyler “Falcon” Greenwell and Isaac Eady, vocalists Mike Mattison, Mark Rivers and Alecia Chakour as well as a horn section featuring Elizabeth Lea, Ephraim Owens and Kebbi Williams played one set each night on Saturday and Sunday. The TTB’s plan for a second set on Saturday was foiled due to dangerous weather in the area.

Impresario and LOCKN’ co-founder Peter Shapiro introduced the Tedeschi Trucks Band on Saturday, noting the group was on the top of organizers’ list to perform on the farm and that they have played at all but one of past LOCKN’ festivals held prior to this summer. Susan then led the full group through “Don’t Know What It Means” to kick off their set. A cover of The Box Tops’ “The Letter” came next ahead of staples “Do I Look Worried” and “It’s So Heavy.”

The full Tedeschi Trucks Band debut version of Bessie Smith’s “Gin House Blues” followed before the group played “Bell Bottom Blues” and “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?” from Derek & The Dominos’ iconic Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs album. From there, the TTB capped their lone set on Saturday with “Let Me Get By” and “Just Won’t Burn” and a pairing of “Leaving Trunk” and “Volunteered Slavery.”

Sunday saw the Tedeschi Trucks Band mix material from 2019’s Signs with classics and beloved covers. Signs standout “High & Mighty” opened. The group then tore through “Made Up Mind” and returned to Signs for “When Will I Begin.” Next, “Part Of Me” was followed by Mattison leading his bandmates through his own “Life Is Crazy.” From there, the TTB played “Whiskey Legs” from 2013’s Made Up Mind as a full band for the first time since November 17, 2016.

The marathon set continued with a lengthy “Idle Wind” and a take on Tedeschi’s “Looking For Answers.” A cover of Dr. John’s “I Walk On Guilded Splinters” was followed by an extended version of Signs’ gem “Shame” and Trucks tearing it up on “Midnight In Harlem.” A pairing of “Bound For Glory” and “That Did It” gave way to the “I Want More” finale featuring a “Soul Sacrifice” (Santana) coda. Mattison was in the spotlight once again for the take on “Sticks & Stones” by Titus Turner that started the encore. The Tedeschi Trucks Band then ended the festival with a stellar “Space Captain.”

Listen to an audience recording of Saturday’s set taped by edtyre:

Watch fan-shot videos from the TTB sets at LOCKN’ Farm captured by edtyre below:

Don’t Know What It Means, The Letter

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Tedeschi Trucks Band (See 201 videos)

High & Mighty

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Tedeschi Trucks Band (See 201 videos)

Made Up Mind

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Tedeschi Trucks Band (See 201 videos)


Saturday, August 28 (via edtyre)

Set: Don’t Know What It Means > The Letter, Do I Look Worried, It’s So Heavy, Gin House Blues, Bell Bottom Blues, Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?, Let Me Get By, Just Won’t Burn, Leaving Trunk > Volunteered Slavery

Sunday, August 29 (via Ed Gendelman)

Set: High & Mighty, Made Up Mind, When Will I Begin, Part Of Me, Life Is Crazy, Whiskey Legs, Idle Wind, Looking For Answers, I Walk On Guilded Splinters, Shame, Midnight In Harlem, Bound For Glory, That Did It, I Want More > Soul Sacrifice

Encore: Sticks & Stones, Space Captain

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