Tea Leaf Green Announces New Album ‘Destination Bound’


Tea Leaf Green will release a new studio album entitled Destination Bound this Friday, April 24. The band confirmed the news via an announcement on YouTube that can be viewed below and will host a live listening party on Facebook and through the JamBase Livestreams Calendar this Thursday, April 23 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT to premiere the LP.

Destination Bound marks the first TLG studio album to feature bassist Eric DiBerardino. The current TLG lineup is rounded out by founding members Josh Clark, Trevor Garrod and Scott Rager. Destination Bound, Tea Leaf Green’s ninth studio album is the band’s first since 2013’s In The Wake.


Work began on the album in February of 2019 at the Grey Room in the Bay Area with Kevin Friedrichsen. A large bulk of the LP was completed over the course of three days, while the rest took another year. Check out an official announcement from the band below featuring a taste of the title track:


Read a note from Tea Leaf Green regarding Destination Bound:

We are excited to announce the release of our latest studio album: Destination Bound

It’s been seven years since Tea Leaf Green has put out a record. We spent almost 20 years on the road and then stopped. Amidst growing families, jobs and personnel changes we started doing other things and took on responsibilities that kept us closer to home.

As keyboardist Trevor Garrod put it, “I kept on writing, mostly for myself. I’d catch a song in an evening with a bottle of wine or one would come around some Saturday morning while I was drinking coffee. I’d press them in the pages of my little notebook, where they would be forgotten in the drawer of my desk.“

Until one day, drummer Scott Rager called up Trevor and told him he’d booked some studio time and wanted to record an album of new songs.

Trevor opened the drawer of his desk, took out the little notebook and drove up to Oakland where they began to play through the songs, arrange them, and generally prepare to go into the studio.

This was in the fall of 2018 and then we began recording in February of the following year with Kevin Friedrichsen at the Grey Room in the outskirts of Oakland (where civilization disappears into the bay). The process was pretty smooth in the sense of trying to capture the sound of the band in a more organic way than the last couple TLG records. Joined by Josh Clark on guitar and Eric DiBerardino on bass, 90% of the album was finished in 3 days and the last 10% took another year to finish. Such is the way of these projects.

Now that the record is finally finished and we shelter in place with no concerts and no parties, the songs written in a different time about different problems take on new meanings. There is a common thread stitched through the album that still remains true — a universal need for shelter and security, safety in storms, and the importance of taking care of the people around you – in a word: Home.

As we set this record loose, we hope that it will help us all be kind and generous with each other, to give strangers the benefit of the doubt, and remember that “everyone’s got to have a home.”

Destination Bound will be available on all streaming platforms Friday 4/24/20.

Please join us this Thursday, April 23rd at 4pm PT on Facebook for a live listening party.

Tea Leaf Green

April 2020


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