Sunday Cinema | David Crosby And Graham Nash – BBC 1970

David Crosby and Graham Nash have the kind of relationship where one can finish the other’s musical sentences. The pair’s voices fit together in a way rarely seen between two performers. While the two are best known for their work with Stephen Stills and occasionally Neil Young, we want to shine a light on a performance that just features Crosby and Nash for a look at their stunning two-part harmonies.

On September 11, 1970 Crosby and Nash performed in front of an intimate crowd at the BBC’s studios in London. Thirty minutes worth of the pair’s outstanding set was broadcast as part of the BBC’s In Concert series. David and Graham tackle songs from their time with CSN&Y as well as from their solo repertoires. Watch the duo’s breathtaking performances of “Marrakesh Express,” “Teach Your Children,” “Traction In The Rain” and more:

A commenter calls the clip “twenty-eight minutes of the most beautiful close harmony you’ll ever hear” and we agree.