STS9 Debuts ‘To The World’ In Aspen


Livetronica act STS9 completed a two-night stand at the Belly Up in Aspen, Colorado last night. The band debuted a new original dubbed “To The World” on Wednesday night. “To The World” kicked off an encore on STS9’s first night in Aspen that ended with “King Pharaoh’s Tomb.” YouTube’s JMar captured video of most of Wednesday’s show including the debut of “To The World” (2:14:30 mark):

Setlist (via The Church Of STS9)

Set One: 20-12%, Wika Chikana, New Dawn New Day, The Rabble – Gobnugget – Unquestionable Jam – Abcees Ending, Aimlessly, March

Set Two: Equinox, Love Don’t Terrorize – Grow, F. Word, Blu Mood, Crystal Instrument, Vapors, Ramone & Emiglio

Encore: To The World***, King Pharaoh’s Tomb

  • % – Stream issue. Didn’t come back in ’til Wika
  • *** – first time played (new song)

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