Stormy Mondays | The Wood Brothers Live In NYC

The Wood Brothers create music about fools and failures; second attempts, but not second chances; music that soars transcendent with southern gospel conviction, but is grounded in the sins of the body, in desires of tongue and the delights of taste. It is, on any given night, in any given venue — a club, a theater, a festival stage, a roadhouse bar — the greatest music in the land, something one might have said about The Band.

They are just the best, and I cannot stop listening to New York-based taper Scott Bernstein’s recording of their gig at Irving Plaza in February — a crystal clear portrait of a fantastic show. It’s been my soundtrack for the slow transition from winter to spring, and makes up this episode of Stormy Mondays. From the beginning of the show we have “Neon Tombstone,” “Wastin’ My Mind” > “Sing About It” and “The Muse.” From mid-set we have “Postcards from Hell” and “That’s What Angels Can Do” > “Angel,” and then the encore features a cover of Michael Jackson’s “PYT” and “One More Day.” As always, enjoy!


Written By: Dan Alford