Stormy Mondays | Jam Cruise 2007 Funk Mix

We want to start 2014 off right, especially after having just finished such an amazing year of music, so this week’s Stormy Mondays is heavy on the improv, heavy on the funk.

Taken from the first night in the Jam Room on Jam Cruise in 2007, here are two 30 minute segments featuring a host of musicians, including Ivan Neville, George Porter Jr. , Karl Denson, Martin Fierro, Skerik, Will Bernard, DJ Logic and Steve Kimock, among others. The first is a sax driven Jam > Who Knows > Use Me, the ensemble crushing the final staple, and the second is a more guitar and keys led Jam > Skin Tight > Pusher Man > Up in Lights > P Funk. It’s a big wallop of funk to set your groove for the year, so turn it up loud, and as always, enjoy!


Written By: Dan Alford