Stewart Copeland Talks Oysterhead In New Interview

By Scott Bernstein Nov 20, 2014 10:00 am PST

For us, November always brings to mind the supergroup Oysterhead, since most of the trio’s one and only tour took place during that month in 2001. If you’re unfamiliar, Oysterhead consists of Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, Primus bassist Les Claypool and The Police drummer Stewart Copeland. The band originally came together for a Jazz Fest late night in 2000 and released their lone album and embarked on a lone tour in 2001. Though Oysterhead reunited for a 2006 appearance at Bonnaroo, we’re still waiting for another tour and album. Copeland addressed the Oysterhead situation in a new interview posted by’s Brian Ives asked Stewart the million dollar question -would Oysterhead ever do a second album or tour? Copeland responded, “We haven’t actually all been in the same room at the same time for quite a while. I saw Trey not too long ago, I see Les all the time, and we all say, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it!’ And we all love the idea, but the two other guys have working bands. I’ve got what I’m doing, but I’m probably a lot more available than they are. But when a hole in both of their schedules emerges, we’ll probably do something.” Les Claypool provided a similar response when asked about a potential Oysterhead return during a recent visit to SiriusXM’s Jam_ON.

Copeland added that he’d like to get Anastasio and Claypool to his Sacred Grove studio compound to record a track before doing anything else. Speaking of Sacred Grove, Stewart also shares the story of how he had a magical jam session with Copeland and Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart at the compound. Unfortunately, the hard drives containing the footage of the session crashed before he was able to do anything with it.

Head to for Copeland’s thoughts on the current situation in the Middle East and much more. I’d like to get both of them over here to the Sacred Grove, just to do a Sacred Grove track just for a start.

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