Steve Winwood Performs On Late Night With David Letterman In 1986


After two years in retirement, it was confirmed this week that David Letterman will make a return to television by hosting a new Netflix interview series set to premiere next year. The former host of The Late Show on CBS, Letterman rose to fame with the 1982 debut of NBC’s Late Night With David Letterman. This week’s edition of Sunday Cinema revisits Dave’s original late night talk show and a performance by Steve Winwood that took place on this date in 1986.

Winwood joined house band leader Paul Shaffer during the episode of Late Night that aired on August 13, 1986. The program also saw percussionist Carol Steele sitting-in with The World’s Most Dangerous Band. Winwood led the ensemble through a rendition of his at the time current hit “Higher Love.” A second performance featured a take on Winwood’s classic “Gimme Some Lovin'” which was a 1966 hit for the Spencer Davis Group.

Introduced by Shaffer as “Stevie Winwood” and “a guy [who] came over from England and needed a place to play,” watch Winwood’s Late Night appearance in 1986 below:

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