Steve Kimock Shares ‘Point Of No Return’ Suite


Steve Kimock just released audio of his Steve Kimock & Friends (SKF) outfit performing the suite “Point Of No Return” on a weekend SKF were supposed to have played Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, California. The “Point Of No Return” mini-EP/suite finds Steve backed by his son, drummer John Kimock, bassist Reed Mathis and keyboardist Jeff Chimenti and was recorded at Sweetwater on February 14, 2019.

The audio was passed off to John Kimock who produced “Point Of No Return” for the new mini-EP. A portion of proceeds will benefit “fellow musicians and crew in need of funds during these troubled times.” Additionally, the band released audio of shows from February 12 and 13, 2019 on


Read a note from Steve Kimock about “Point Of No Return”:

A beautiful bit, one of my favorite KVHW/Studio E, era numbers, recorded live at Sweetwater Music Hall and reimagined here via John Kimock’s signature production.

I think everybody’s clear about the basic “can’t go back” “too late to stop now” nature of the ‘Point of No Return’ title. All the more poignant in our current pandemic lockdown context, ‘The Point’ in this timeline suggesting a world we knew well behind us and an unknowable world somewhere ahead. Likely no going back to life as we knew it.

My own slightly psychedelicized version of the lockdown pictures us all in our cocoons, waiting to emerge as beautifully transformed beings. But that ain’t it either.

The Point of No Return is the arrow of time, it exists in every moment.
You can’t go back from any moment, the blessing may be you don’t have to either.
Let it go, grow, don’t look back, you never step in the same river twice.
Point of no return, it’s now.

Peace ~SK

“On any given night it could be a 30-minute song,” John Kimock added. “This suite offers up the more delicious parts of where our improvisations tend to go in Steve Kimock & Friends.” Listen to “Point Of No Return” below: