Steve Gorman Discusses Potential The Black Crowes Reunion


Co-founding The Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman discussed the possibility of the band reuniting. Gorman spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock about the rumored reunion of the band he started with Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson.

Gorman confirmed a recent Wall Street Journal report that he has not been asked to participate in The Black Crowes’ reunion tour. The same article indicated the Robinsons partnered with Live Nation for the potential tour and would be backed by a new lineup of musicians. Gorman told Ultimate Classic Rock that “many sources” had confirmed the reunion over the past several months. Gorman, who recently published a book written with Steven Hyden Hard To Handle: The Life & Death Of The Black Crowes – A Memoir, told UCR he would not participate in the reunion even if the Robinsons asked, stating:

There was never an understanding of the true strength and power of the band. And the Robinson brothers are showing that very clearly. They have every right to do this. When I quit the band in 2001, I relinquished my right to the name. I never thought I’d be back to begin with. And I never was cut back in on that side of things as far as a third of the partnership in terms of who owns the name the Black Crowes. And that’s fine. The truth is, when Chris blew the band up in 2014, the last thing I wanted was to be involved in a continuing string of emails from lawyers and accountants trying to get everybody to agree on something. It’s been much nicer to know that this is all in the rear view. And again, they wouldn’t ever think of approaching me, but it’s going to be a pretty tough thing to make sense of, six years after Chris said, “I need all of the money or I’m never doing this again” and then suddenly saying, “Okay, I’m ready to do it again.” I mean, it just speaks for what’s going on. They painted themselves into a corner and they need to go out as the Black Crowes, and I don’t think, frankly, they give two flying fucks who is in the band onstage with them.

They’re going to go do what they have to do. And I don’t begrudge anybody who can make a living playing music in their 50s on principle. It’s like, Good for you. But the way this will be spun, and the way that everything has been spun for years, [it is] a pretty dubious suggestion that this is anything about a reunion or an anniversary.

Gorman also discussed the future of his band Trigger Hippy whose new lineup just-released the band’s first album in several years. Gorman indicated Trigger Hippy will continue to tour in support of Full Circle & Then Some throughout the first half of 2020.

Head to Ultimate Classic Rock to read the full interview with Gorman.

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