Star Kitchen Welcomes Karl Denson & Eric Krasno For ‘Nautilus’ On Jam Cruise 17: Pro-Shot Video


In the fall, Star Kitchen embarked on its inaugural tour, earning itself the title of one of JamBase’s 10 Standout New Bands in 2018. A few months later in January 2019, the group fronted by The Disco BiscuitsMarc Brownstein made its debut on Jam Cruise 17.

During their late-night performance at the Pool Deck on Wednesday, January 16, Star Kitchen offered their inventive covers of classic R&B and funk tracks, with the band rounded out by drummer Marlon Lewis, keyboardist Rob Marscher and guitarist Danny Mayer. For the set, the fledgling group was also joined by guitarist Eric Krasno and multi-instrumentalist Karl Denson. Both jam scene favorites sat in during a take on Bob James’ “Nautilus,” a song that has become a staple of the Star Kitchen catalog.

The tune, which has been highly sampled in the hip-hop world, was dark and brooding throughout, with Brownstein’s bass anchoring the performance. With eerie synth ornaments and a propulsive drumbeat, the song built to its cacophonous climax with an expansive, jazzy saxophone solo offered by Denson. Watch the 11-minute performance of “Nautilus” below:

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