Family Gospel Group Staples Jr. Singers Announce 1st Album In Nearly 50 Years ‘Searching’

Stream the single, “Lost In A World Of Sin,” from the album set to arrive on June 14.

By Andy Kahn Apr 23, 2024 7:57 am PDT

For the first time in nearly 50 years, the Staples Jr. Singers will release a new album when Luaka Bop issues Searching on June 14. The family gospel trio comprised of siblings Annie Brown Caldwell, Edward Brown and R.C. Brown shared the Searching single entitled “Lost In A World Of Sin.”

As teenagers growing up in rural Aberdeen, Mississippi, the three siblings recorded an album, When Do We Get Paid, which saw a limited release in 1975. The album was reissued in 2020 by Luaka Bop, garnering renewed attention for the Staples Jr. Singers. Press materials further explain the family history:

The Staples Jr. Singers are the Browns, a family of 10 who came of age in the ’60s in northeast Mississippi between the black prairie and the pines. Back then, the South was desegregated on paper but not always in practice. Their parents found refuge and support in the church against the backdrop of an unwelcoming town (and nation), while their kids found refuge and a greater purpose in life in the music.

Every weekend, the family would pile into their van and travel across the Bible Belt to gospel programs and talent shows in the region. Most of the siblings were in the band at one time or another, but now Edward, R.C., and Annie — all in their 60s — are the siblings who have survived. And while the Browns continued to play together after making When Do We Get Paid, they never made another full-length album together.


The eight songs making up the long-awaited Searching were recorded over two days in October 2023. Sessions were held at The Message Center, a one-room church located in West Point, Mississippi.

“It was good to be able to go back and look back over our life,” Annie stated. “Some of the same songs that we had sung, those songs have a new meaning to me.”

The album was produced by Ahmed Gallab (who performs as Sinkane) and features the three Brown siblings accompanied by a rhythm section made up of R.C’s son Gary Brown on bass and grandson Jaylin Brown on drums. Additionally, backing vocals were provided by Edward’s son Troy Brown.

“The process was very easy,” said Gallab. “There’s nothing like a family bond/band. It was so special to watch how locked into each other everyone was. You can hear and feel that on this record. I feel like I was able to witness part of this family’s continued story and legacy in real time. That was a very special thing to witness.”

Featuring Edward on lead vocals and his son Troy on backing vocals, stream “Lost In A World Of Sin” below:

Lost In A World Of Sin


Searching Preview

The Staples Jr. Singers will return to Europe to embark on a tour beginning on June 29 in Paris.

“We want to go on tour and do many things that we didn’t get the chance to do in the beginning of life,” said Annie, “Because the time and money wasn’t there. It all came late, being in our 60s now — but it looks like it’s just beginning, you know? Life is just beginning for us.”


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Searching Tracklist

  1. Living In This World Alone
  2. Lost In A World Of Sin
  3. You Got To Believe
  4. Walk Around Heaven
  5. I’ve Got A Feeling
  6. Don’t Need No Doctor
  7. I Don’t Need Nobody But You
  8. Get On Board
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