St. Paul & The Broken Bones Release New Live Album ‘Half The City Live’

By Scott Bernstein Feb 8, 2021 11:59 am PST

Back in November, St. Paul and The Broken Bones returned to Avondale Brewing Company in Birmingham, Alabama for a limited capacity, socially distanced concert that was livestreamed. The band performed their 2014 debut album, Half The City, in its entirety in Birmingham and recently released audio from the concert exclusively via Bandcamp as Half The City Live.

Frontman Paul Janeway and company’s concert featured on the new live album took place on November 5, 2020. Half The City Live contains the complete performance of the 12-track album. The release does not include the string of songs St. Paul & The Broken Bones led off the evening with or the three-song encore.

Avondale Brewing Company is where St. Paul & The Broken Bones performed live for the first time. Read a note shared by Paul Janeway about that fateful night as well as their concert featured on Half The City Live below:

I remember the heat that day burning through my JCPenney’s suit that I bought just the day before for our show at Avondale Brewing Company in Birmingham. 100 degree temperature outside in the dead of summer in Alabama is not uncommon. I was pouring sweat along side people who had just met that day for the first time to play a show under the name St. Paul & The Broken Bones. I hated my name being in the band’s name but who cared at that point, it was just a fling. Now, over 8 years later, we built a career out of it.

During this pandemic, I have gotten awfully nostalgic. For a time, we would travel constantly and shows started blending together. The bar for the best show/best audience was just so high. That endorphin rush was taken for granted. The first moment we had to play a socially distanced show, I knew exactly what we should do. Play a show at Avondale Brewery and do our debut album in full. Something I would never had done if the pandemic had not happened. Mainly because I am a perpetual motion kind of person and don’t like looking back. The beauty though of looking back at the beginning was realizing all the great people that helped us turn a summer fling into an actual career. From TT Management to Single Lock Records to High Road Touring. It was such a beautiful time. Here is the live recording from that show that night in this crazy year that is 2020. I hope y’all enjoy.

Stream/purchase Half The City Live below:

Half The City Live Tracklist

  1. Intro
  2. I’m Torn Up
  3. Don’t Mean A Thing
  4. Call Me
  5. Like A Mighty River
  6. That Glow
  7. Broken Bones And Pocket Change
  8. Sugar Dyed
  9. Half The City
  10. Green Is Greener
  11. Let It Be So
  12. Dixie Rothko
  13. It’s Midnight
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