Brooklyn Bowl Shares Soulive ‘Bowlive Story’ Mini-Documentary Finale


Brooklyn Bowl has completed their mini-documentary on its annual Soulive residency with the release of the second half of The Bowlive Story, “Part II: The Revue.” Following up the first part, “The Genesis,” the nearly ten-minute clip features Brooklyn Bowl co-owners Peter Shapiro and Charley Ryan, as well as all three members of Soulive: Alan Evans, Neal Evans and Eric Krasno.

While “The Genesis” followed the birth of Brooklyn, New York venue and the origins of Soulive’s now-beloved residency, “The Revue” examines the importance and growth of Bowlive in the years following. The first quarter of the clip is dedicated to showing the expansive roster of special guests the band has hosted, with each interviewee offering a laundry list of different collaborators. From there, the band speaks on particularly standout performances from over the years, citing both Bernie Worrell and George Porter Jr..

Next, the video shifts to the unique audience that Bowlive appeals to. Krasno explained, “Bowlive was really unique in that the same night you could hear Run-D.M.C., Talib Kweli, but also hear John Scofield. You’d get the same crowd going wild for both people. And to watch those worlds mesh together was kind of one of a kind.”

Alan Evans continued, “That’s the beautiful thing about Bowlive. Color of skin, genre, all that doesn’t matter when you’re just witnessing greatness on stage, and I guess the people who come out to Bowlive are openminded. They’re just music lovers.”

Check out The Bowlive Story “Part 2: The Revue” thanks to Brooklyn Bowl and video director Will Schwerd:

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