Sly & The Family Stone Documentary Set For 2019 Release


A documentary film about Sly & the Family Stone entitled Dance To The Streaming Music will be released in 2019. Brady Spensor directed the movie which will be distributed by Winter State Entertainment.

Spensor began work on the documentary more than a decade ago, after being introduced to Sly Stone by the legendary musician’s son, Sylvester Stone Jr. The film chronicles 10 years of the elder Stone’s later-life financial and legal struggles, leading up to the passage of the Music Modernization Act in October 2018. The new law grants digitally royalties to legacy artists like Sly & The Family Stone.

“When I was big enough to reach the piano, I thought that everybody had to do it in the world,” Stone told Deadline. “This documentary is a chance to share my story with all the wide-eyed dreamers.”

According to Deadline, Dance to the Streaming Music features “exclusive interviews and footage of Sly & The Family Stone and other artists.” An official release date has not yet been revealed.

“This production has been more than a decade in the making and seeing it all coming together is a dream come true,” stated Spensor. “The time we spent together was treasured and any opportunity to be around Sly was exceptional, and I wouldn’t pass it up for anything. When Sly finally collected his royalties after years of being financially strapped and homeless, it warmed my heart.”