Shpongle Announces ‘Carnival Of Peculiarities’ EP

By Nate Todd Feb 3, 2021 10:25 am PST

Shpongle announced a new EP, Carnival Of Peculiarities. Shpongle’s Simon Posford and Raja Ram will present the new record on March 5.

Along with contributions from multi-instrumentalist and producer Posford as well as woodwinds from Raja Ram, the new EP also features double reed horns from Sylvain Carton. Carnival Of Peculiarities is Shpongle’s first studio effort since 2017’s Codex VI. Much like the psychedelic outfit’s famed live performances, Carnival Of Peculiarities is “a seamless flow of three genre-defying tracks that will tickle your auditory receptors and stimulate your neuronal connections,” as per a press release.

The press release went on to detail the album further. Read more below:

This extraordinary sonic voyage features the vivid storytelling, evocative harmonic fabric, and unique fusion of electronic and organic instruments that have made the name Shpongle synonymous with cutting-edge electronica, pushing the limits of musical creativity even beyond barriers already broken by this legendary project.

The Carnival of Peculiarities EP is a mini-album that’s maximal in content, covering the stylistic spectrum and creative range of a full-length release, raising the bars of both musical expression and electronic engineering – an unforgettable odyssey through Shpongleland.

Check out the EP art and tracklist for Carnival Of Peculiarities below:

Carnival Of Peculiarities Tracklist:

  1. Mycelium Labyrinth
  2. Carnival of Peculiarities
  3. Dr. Vinklestein Says
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