Remembering Shannon Hoon: ‘The Tapes Archive’ Shares 1995 Interview


Blind Melon frontman Shannon Hoon passed away at the way-too-young age of 28 in New Orleans on this date in 1995. Hoon was on the road with Blind Melon in support of their sophomore studio album, Soup, when he died of a cocaine overdose that led him to suffer a heart attack. Shannon spoke with journalist Marc Allan one month before his death in a previously unreleased interview that was recently shared by Osiris podcast The Tapes Archive.

Soup came out three years after Blind Melon, the group’s self-titled 1992 studio album that included the breakthrough single “No Rain.” Hoon spoke extensively with Allan about the evolution of Blind Melon’s music found on Soup. Shannon explained the band recorded the LP with Andy Wallace at Kingsway Studios in New Orleans and purposely waited a few years between albums to “let the ‘No Rain’ thing go away.” The Indiana native talked about the effect New Orleans had on the music and the genesis of the Soup songs “Wilt,” “Galaxie,” “Car Seat” and “Vernie.”

Shannon became a father two months before the interview and one month before he died. Hoon spoke of the difficulty of being on tour while his daughter was growing up. He also explained that while he thought touring messed up his sleeping patterns, “it ain’t nothing compared to parenthood.” There was excitement in his voice as he detailed a plan to buy a mobile home and bring his daughter on tour with him.

One of the main topics discussed between Hoon and Allan was putting out Soup as a reaction to the success of “No Rain” and the Blind Melon album in general. Shannon explained the record company wasn’t happy the group didn’t want to recreate “No Rain” on their new record. “Some people’s plans are a lot bigger for us than what we wanted to be,” Hoon said in noting band relationships had been damaged by how well the first album did. He also shared his distaste for the “Bee Girl” that appeared in the “No Rain” video. “She was annoying as all get out, and her parents were even, like, twice as annoying,” commented Hoon

Hoon and Allan also talked about Shannon’s roots in Indiana and days as a high school athlete, the range of Hoon’s voice displayed on Soup and Blind Melon’s instant classic performance at Woodstock 1994. Listen to Episode 10 of The Tapes Archive below: