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Seth Avett by Crackerfarm
Seth Avett of The Avett Brothers has re-released all of his recorded solo work, which was originally released under the artist title Timothy Seth Avett as Darling. The collection includes each of Seth’s three solo albums, and is available on iTunes and a separate website here.

A note from Seth, on these solo works, his new website and more:

In the year 2001, at twenty-one years of age, I recorded an album entitled To Make the World Quiet. The inspiration for the piece was urgent and impatient. There was no managerial or label involvement. There was no funding. Without any consideration towards who (if anyone) would hear the result of this outing, I happily executed each aspect of the process, including all writing, performance of each instrument, engineering and modest production. The following year, I again, by the same process was obliged to record an album. Killing the Headlamps was the realization of this second venture as ‘Darling.’ Both albums were made on a 4-track cassette recorder. I initially mixed them both on a low-fidelity home stereo in my kitchen (to yet another cassette). I spent a perhaps unhealthy amount of time with a ruler, an X-acto knife, and a real-time dual-deck CD duplicator, hand-assembling these two albums (along with the first couple thousand units of the first official Avett Brothers recording Country Was).

Until New Years Eve 2010, the only physical copies of these records laid in the hands of maybe a few hundred people that I sold them to personally. I have been honored by the continued interest in these early works as expressed by those who have inquired about them at Avett performances. It is this kind inquiry that has inspired me again; this time to make them readily available through a proper duplication and ordering process.

All three albums can be obtained from the website by download or through a mail-order process for the actual physical copies.

In addition, a set of 5 videos have been created by the fine people at Crackerfarm to coincide not only with the new found availability of these recordings, but with the New Year as well. Each video is a one-camera/one-angle performance of a song from one of the 3 ‘Darling’ records. These visual pieces are defined by their simplicity, as there has been no editing or audio overdubbing of any kind. We have posted two of these videos — and for the next three weeks, a new video will be posted on Monday morning at ten o’clock (EST) on the Darling website. We hope you enjoy them.

My sincere thanks go out to all who have made these current developments possible, not least of all to the Avett Brothers fans, who have graciously provided the fire to keep the interest in these solo works alive.



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