SeepeopleS Detail New Album ‘Field Guide For Survival In This Dying World’ & Share Single

Watch the Jack Powell-created paper cut-out animation video for "Lots Of People."

By Nate Todd Aug 11, 2022 1:38 pm PDT

SeepeopleS will issue a new album, Field Guide For Survival In This Dying World, on October 7 via frontman Will Bradford’s RascalZRecordZ label. Bradford’s genre-defying outfit also shared the single, “Lots of People.”

Work on Field Guide For Survival In This Dying World began in 2017. Bradford had plans to release the album in 2020 and embark on SeepeoplesS 20th anniversary tour before COVID-19 sidelined live music. Although Bradford joined the world in the depression brought on by the pandemic, he soon saw a silver lining:

“One of the few good things about the pandemic was that it was really the first time, as musicians, that everyone had time off the road to reconnect with each other. I was so depressed at the time, having my friends come to the rescue and get me pumped about the record again was, creatively, exactly what I needed. Also, in some ways, the convenience of the world ending while we were already making an end of the world album, certainly helped motivate us to follow through on finishing this record, and ultimately, this statement.”

While Bradford played a number of the instruments on the album himself, he also brought in some top-notch musicians to contribute to the album including guitarist Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band), drummer Nikki Glaspie (Beyoncé, The Nth Power, Maceo Parker), pedal steel guitarist “Cowboy” Eddie Long (Taylor Swift, ZZ Top, The Allman Brothers, Hank Williams Jr.) and more. Bradford also teamed back up with longtime recording partner Will Holland (Pixies, Dead Can Dance, New Pornographers) to produce the record ay Boston’s Chillhouse Studios.

In 2021, SeepeopleS shared the Field Guide For Survival In This Dying World track, “It Feels Heavy” featuring the Nth Power’s Nate Edgar on bass and as well as vocalist Brooke Binion of theWorst. Earlier this year the band followed with “Two Silhouettes,” “This Dying World” and now share “Lots Of People,” “a pulsing alt-pop track that takes its sonic cues from the 90s electronic scene and lyrically explores the fear of living in an increasingly paranoid world,” as per a press release.

“Lots Of People” arrived along with a paper cut-out animation video by Jack Powell. Watch it below:

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