Save 50% + $5 On Premium Full-Spectrum CBD From Boulder Creek Infusions

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Boulder Creek Infusions’ hemp is sun-grown in the Rocky Mountains. They craft-infuse their products in small batches, with no nasty solvents, using only coconut oil and gentle heat. BCI takes great care to preserve all the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, protecting the delicate organic synergies responsible for maximum entourage effect.

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To ensure that every Boulder Creek Infusion is of the highest quality, each batch is analyzed by an independent laboratory. BCI posts its Certificate of Analysis (CoAs) publicly, so you can see the purity, quality and care BCI puts into its products, each of which are vegan-friendly. BCI’s hemp oil is solvent free and contains all the benefits of the original plant, just as nature intended.

If you’ve been enjoying the benefits of full-spectrum CBD, you’ll appreciate the effectiveness of Boulder Creek’s 1500 mg CBD. If you’re curious about CBD, it’s a great opportunity to experience CBD for the first time from a brand you can trust. Head to to learn more about Boulder Creek Infusions’ full-spectrum, solvent-free CBD. Plus, get 50% off and use the coupon code “JAMBASE” for an additional $5 off.

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