Saturday Stream | Exploring Jack White

This week Jack White turned 40 and announced his band The Dead Weather would release their third studio album, entitled Dodge & Burn, this September. The band that includes Dean Fertita, Jack Lawrence and Alison Mosshart is just one of the many projects White has been involved in over his lengthy career. The 30-song Spotify Playlist below –Exploring Jack White -surveys the many bands and solo efforts the multi-instrumentalist producer has contributed to, going back to his time with The White Stripes and continuing through his most recent output. 

[Photo by Mary Ellen Mattews]

One song from each of the six The White Stripes studio albums was selected for the playlist. Each of the two The Raconteurs records featuring White, Lawrence, Brendan Benson and Patrick Keeler are represented as well as the two previously issued The Dead Weather albums. All four songs that have been released and will be included on Dodge & Burn round out The Dead Weather entries. Tracks from both of White’s two solo albums, Blunderbuss and Lazaretto are also featured alongside a few non-album solo tracks he’s released.

The playlist showcases White’s recordings for the soundtrack to the film Cold Mountain which he also appeared in, as well as his collaboration with Alicia Keys that appeared in the James Bond film Another Way To Die. The three songs that feature White on the Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi album Rome were included as was a live version of “Loving Cup” performed with The Rolling Stones. White’s participation in the Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams and Beck Song Reader collaborative albums are also featured in the playlist which you can stream below.