Ryan Adams Releases New Album ‘Wednesdays’


Ryan Adams released a new album, Wednesdays. The unannounced release is the first from Adams since being accused of sexual misconduct last year.

Adams first shared details of Wednesdays back in January 2019 with different artwork and a 17-song tracklist. The album was one of three the embattled singer-songwriter intended to issue last year and is the first from Adams since 2017. When Wednesdays was confirmed back in January 2019, Adams revealed the record contained contributions from Jason Isbell, Emmylou Harris and Benmont Tench and that it was co-produced by Adams and Beatriz Artola with Don Was present for the sessions.

The version released today features 11 songs, nine of which were on the original tracklist. The album opener “I’m Sorry And I Love You” and closer “Dreaming You Backwards” were not on the initial tracklist that did include the since-dropped “It’s Not That Kind Of Night,” “Somewhere It Is Spring,” “Nobody Wins,” “Birmingham,” “Like a Heatwave,” “Red & Orange Special,” “Magic Trick,” “Pennsylvania Moon” and “Take Me Home.” A bonus 7-inch that comes with LP version of Wednesdays features “Somewhere It Is Spring” backed by “Red & Orange Special.”

In July, Adams issued a public apology to the women who accused him of sexual and emotional misconduct. Adams’ statement also indicated he was attempting sobriety. Musician Karen Elson and Adams’ ex-wife, musician/actor Mandy Moore, who were among those who spoke out against Adams’ alleged behavior and responded to Adams’ statement. Both women stated Adams had yet to reach out personally.

Stream Ryan Adams’ album, Wednesdays, below:

Wednesdays Tracklist

  1. I’m Sorry And I Love You
  2. Who Is Gonna Love Me Now, If Not You
  3. When You Cross Over
  4. Walk In The Dark
  5. Poison & Pain
  6. Wednesdays
  7. Birmingham
  8. So, Anyways
  9. Mamma
  10. Lost In Time
  11. Dreaming You Backwards
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