Revisiting 1994 Grateful Dead ‘L.A. Law’ Episode


Back in 1994 during the eighth season of NBC legal drama L.A. Law, an episode aired featuring a pair of divorcing Deadheads. The plotline produced one Grateful Dead reference after another, and a compilation of those scenes is the focus of this edition of Sunday Cinema.

Actress Patti D’Arbanville-Quinn portrayed Caroline, a formerly obsessed Grateful Dead fan bringing divorce proceedings against her currently absorbed Dead-loving husband Dale (played by Charles Martin Smith). Titled Dead Issue, the episode included lyrics to songs, references to shows, tape collecting, the band’s 1978 Egypt Tour and plenty of other Dead-centric lines within the script. The classic Grateful Dead song “St. Stephen” was something of a common thread tying the various scenes together and can be heard playing at the end of the episode.

Watch the divorcing Deadhead plotline in the compilation compiled by below:

Here’s the full episode as well: