Review, Photos & Full Show Video: Marco Benevento & Moon Hooch Perform In Philly


Words by: Claire Sitarz

Images by: Meredith Kleiber

Marco Benevento & Moon Hooch :: 10.20.17
Underground Arts :: Philadelphia, PA

With one member of the band barefoot and another clad only in boxers, Moon Hooch took the stage Friday night to co-headline with Marco Benevento at Underground Arts in Philadelphia. Immediately demanding the crowd’s attention, the band started their set with “Number 9” and kept the energy in the room high throughout a nearly two-hour set.

Comprised of only three members — saxophonists Mike Wilbur and Wenzl McGowen and drummer James Muschler — the band blends EDM, afrobeat and jazz into a sound they refer to as “cave music.” Throughout their set McGowen cycled through several instruments, including a contrabass clarinet and EWI to supply Moon Hooch’s bassy undertones. Despite early problems with their vocal microphones, the band earned every minute they spent on stage and kept the crowd so engaged that at times I wondered how Benevento would top them.

Offering a refined take on Moon Hooch’s raw energy, keyboardist Marco Benevento, along with bassist Karina Rykman and drummer Andrew Borger, opened their set with the first three songs of Benevento’s new album Woodstock Sessions. The trio continued with “Greenpoint” and “Heartbeats.”

Benevento kept a rapport with the crowd throughout the show, dedicating the song “Dropkick” to his $100 Craigslist piano named Gibbs, and chanting its name throughout the chorus. Before playing “Limbs Of The Pine,” Benevento remembered former Philly music venue The Blockley, and stated that was the first place he had performed the song live.

The band teased Pink Floyd’s “Fearless,” transitioned into Elton John’s “Benny and the Jets,” and stopped short of playing the full song to end with “Fearless.” Benevento’s trio played two encore songs, ending the night with “At the Show.”

Full Show Video (Via Chris Cafiero)

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