Experience Phish Like Never Before With REPRISE Free Livestreams On Volume.com

Osiris Podcast uses Volume.com’s venue network to bring REPRISE to a global audience on March 1 and 2.

By Team JamBase Mar 1, 2024 11:36 am PST

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Experience Phish like never before with REPRISE, presented by Osiris Podcast!

Streaming live from Nectar’s – the birthplace of Phish – watch both epic nights on March 1st and 2nd, 2024 for free on Volume.com! Featuring Pink Talking Fish’s Cal Kehoe, Twiddle’s Adrian Tramontano, multi-instrumentalist Chris DeAngelis, and The Machine’s Scott Chasolen, a show from Phish’s history will be played in its entirety each night.

Catch it all happen by getting your free tickets at the link below.

Get Free REPRISE Livestream Tickets at Volume.com

Taking advantage of Volume.com’s venue network, Osiris Podcast transformed its live event into an experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. With pre-wired venues and hassle-free livestreaming, Volume’s turnkey solution makes bringing your events to living rooms worldwide easier than ever.

Check out some past events from Nectar’s and Osiris Podcast here:

  • Two Nights of Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country at Nectar’s: Night 1 & Night 2

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