Remembering Lowell George: With Little Feat & Guests On ‘The Midnight Special’

Lowell George tragically passed away on June 29, 1979.

By Andy Kahn Jun 29, 2021 6:20 am PDT

Revered rock musician Lowell George’s tragic and unexpected death at the young age of 34 happened 42 years ago today. Lauded for his years a leader of Little Feat, during which he wrote many of the band’s best-known songs, George was also a member of Frank Zappa’s backing band Mothers Of Invention and contributed to many other artists’ albums, including recordings by Bonnie Raitt, Robert Palmer, John Cale, Harry Nilsson and many others in addition to producing the Grateful Dead album Shakedown Street.

An enthusiastic collaborator throughout his short but prolific career, in remembrance of Lowell, below is footage from a guest-supported Little Feat performance held in Burbank, California in 1977. The band was filmed for an episode of the late night live music program The Midnight Special in which they acted as hosts alongside Emmylou Harris. The episode begins with the co-hosts playing “Queen of the Silver Dollar” followed by Little Feat’s take on their “Dixie Chicken” accompanied by Harris, Bonnie Raitt and Jesse Winchester.

Later in the episode after performances by Raitt, Winchester and Neil Young, Little Feat guitarist Paul Barrere leads George and the band through “Old Folks Boogie.” The episode continues with other performances including appearances by Weather Report and Little Feat’s rendition of George’s “Rocket in My Pocket.” Closing out the program, Little Feat’s rendering of George’s “Rock & Roll Doctor” serves as the soundtrack to the ending credits. Watch the entire 60 minute program – including some vintage commercials – showcasing Lowell in action below:

Timings & Tracklist

  • 0:14 Intro
  • 0:24 Queen of the Silver Dollar – Emmylou Harris
  • 4:45 Dixie Chicken – Little Feat
  • 8:18 Runaway – Bonnie Raitt
  • 12:40 Rhumba Man – Jesse Winchester
  • 16:06 Like a Hurricane – Neil Young
  • 25:25 Old Folks Boogie – Little Feat
  • 29:22 I Can’t stand Up Alone – Jesse, Bonnie, Emmylou
  • 32:38 Birdland – Weather Report
  • 38:04 Home – Bonnie Raitt
  • 41:51 Nothing But a Breeze – Jesse & Emmylou
  • 46:22 Rocket in My Pocket – Little Feat
  • 50:24 My Songbird – Emmylou Harris
  • 53:43 Sugar Mama – Bonnie Raitt
  • 57:45 Rhumba Mama Teen Town – Weather Report
  • 1:02:17 Rock and Roll Doctor – Little Feat

[Originally Published: June 29, 2016]

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