Release Day Picks: March 31st New Album Highlights

By Team JamBase Mar 31, 2017 5:45 am PDT

Each week Release Day Picks profiles new LPs and EPs Team JamBase will be checking out on release day Friday. This week we highlight new albums by Jamiroquai, Bob Dylan, Phish, Orchestra Baobab, Jake Xerxes Fussell, Dopapod and Dangermuffin. Read on for more insight into the records we have all queued up to spin.

Jamiroquai – Automaton

The Scoop: It’s been seven years since British funk rockers Jamiroquai last issued a full-length album. Frontman Jay Kay and keyboardist Matt Johnson co-produced the long awaited follow-up to 2010’s Rock Dust Light Star. Kay issued the following statement regarding Automaton: The inspiration for Automaton is in recognition of the rise of artificial intelligence and technology in our world today and how we as humans are beginning to forget the more pleasant, simple and eloquent things in life and in our environment including our relationship with one another as human beings.” Here’s the video for the title track:

Label: Virgin EMI

Producer: Matt Johnson, Jay Kay

Number Of Tracks: 12

Running Time: 57:08

Guest Musicians: N/A


  1. Shake It On
  2. Automaton
  3. Cloud 9
  4. Superfresh
  5. Hot Property
  6. Something About You
  7. Summer Girl
  8. Nights Out In The Jungle
  9. Dr Buzz
  10. We Can Do It
  11. Vitamin
  12. Carla

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Bob Dylan – Triplicate

The Scoop: This weekend while in Stockholm, Sweden for a pair of shows legendary musician Bob Dylan will formally accept his prestigious Nobel Prize In Literature for his exemplary songwriting. Today, he releases his 38th studio album which again finds the veteran performer covering the work of other renowned songwriters. With Triplicate, Dylan again utilized the Great American Songbook of standards for the 30 songs spread evenly across three distinct discs. The triple album is Dylan’s third standards album, following 2015’s Shadows In The Night and 2016’s set of covers, Fallen Angels, and again finds him backed by his touring band at the storied Capitol studios in Los Angeles. A song written by Guy Wood and Robert Mellin, stream “My One And Only Love” here:

Label: Columbia Records

Producer: Jack Frost

Number Of Tracks: 30

Running Time: 1:35:50

Guest Musicians: N/A


Disc 1 – ‘Til The Sun Goes Down

  1. I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plans
  2. September Of My Years
  3. I Could Have Told You
  4. Once Upon A Time
  5. Stormy Weather
  6. This Nearly Was Mine
  7. That Old Feeling
  8. It Gets Lonely Early
  9. My One and Only Love
  10. Trade Winds

Disc 2 – Devil Dolls

  1. Braggin’
  2. As Time Goes By
  3. Imagination
  4. How Deep Is The Ocean
  5. P.S. I Love You
  6. The Best Is Yet To Come
  7. But Beautiful
  8. Here’s That Rainy Day
  9. Where Is The One
  10. There’s A Flaw In My Flue

Disc 3 – Comin’ Home Late

  1. Day In, Day Out
  2. I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night
  3. Sentimental Journey
  4. Somewhere Along The Way
  5. When The World Was Young
  6. These Foolish Things
  7. You Go To My Head
  8. Stardust
  9. It’s Funny To Everyone But Me
  10. Why Was I Born

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Phish – St. Louis ‘93

The Scoop: In 1993 Phish made two stops at the 1,750-seat Beaux Arts style American Theatre in St. Louis. The new 6-CD box set St. Louis ‘93 compiles official recordings of both performances. Both shows are chock full of highlights and display a band on the rise from clubs into theaters and beyond. The April 14th concert features a wild “Stash”/”Kung”/”The Horse” mashup, an otherworldly “You Enjoy Myself” > “Spooky” > “You Enjoy Myself,” a wedding proposal and more. Phish returned on August 16th with a show that included an all-time “Reba,” an adventurous “Mike’s Song” > “Faht” > “Weekapaug Groove” and many other highlights. Listen to the insane “Stash” > “Kung” > “Stash” from St. Louis ’93:

Label: JEMP Records

Mastered by: Fred Kevorkian

Number Of Tracks: 49

Running Time: 5:29:18

Guest Musicians: N/A


Disc: 1

  1. Buried Alive
  2. Poor Heart
  3. Maze
  4. Bouncing Around The Room
  5. It’s Ice
  6. Stash
  7. Kung
  8. Stash
  9. Kung
  10. The Horse
  11. Silent In The Morning
  12. Divided Sky
  13. I Didn’t Know
  14. Golgi Apparatus

Disc: 2

  1. Roger’s Proposal
  2. AC/DC Bag
  3. My Sweet One
  4. Tweezer
  5. Mound
  6. Big Ball Jam
  7. You Enjoy Myself
  8. Spooky
  9. You Enjoy Myself

Disc: 3

  1. Harpua
  2. Runaway Jim
  3. Lengthwise
  4. Contact
  5. Tweezer Reprise

Disc: 4

  1. Axilla
  2. Possum
  3. Horn
  4. Reba
  5. Sparkle

Disc: 5

  1. Foam
  2. I Didn’t Know
  3. Split Open And Melt
  4. The Squirming Coil

Disc: 6

  1. Mike’s Song
  2. Faht
  3. Weekapaug Groove
  4. Mound
  5. It’s Ice
  6. My Friend, My Friend
  7. Poor Heart
  8. Big Ball Jam
  9. Take The ‘A’ Train
  10. Good Times Bad Times
  11. Amazing Grace
  12. Rocky Top

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Orchestra Baobab – Tribute To Ndiouga Dieng

The Scoop: Ten years has passed since Senegal-based Orchestra Baobab’s last album, but after losing one of their key members, vocalist Ndiouga Dieng who passed away in 2016, the band seemed compelled to pay a proper tribute to their fallen comrade. Last year, Orchestra Baobab contributed their infectious take on “Franklin’s Tower” for The National’s Day Of The Dead tribute to the Grateful Dead. Their new album brings an equally highly-energetic, multi-instrumentalist display of Afro-pop combined with Cuban rhythms that includes saxophone, guitar, congas, kora and powerful vocals. Fans of the iconic Indestructible Beat of Soweto compilation will be well served by these equally catchy Afro-pop sounds. Have a listen to “Faolo” off Tribute To Ndiouga Dieng.

Label: World Circuit Records

Producer: Nick Gold, Lamine Faye, Jerry Boys

Number Of Tracks: 10

Running Time: 42:36

Guest Musicians: N/A


  1. Foulo
  2. Fayinkounko
  3. Natalia
  4. Magnokouto
  5. Mariama
  6. Woulinewa
  7. Sey
  8. Caravana
  9. Douga
  10. Alekouma

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Jake Xerxes Fussell – What In the Natural World

The Scoop:: Jake Xerxes Fussell trades in the kind of obscure, forgotten folk music that would have been found on Harry Smith’s influential compilation the Anthology Of American Folk Music. It’s in his DNA, growing up with a folklorist for a dad whom he often accompanied on his fieldwork around the Southeast. The material for Fussell’s sophomore album, What In the Natural World, stretches back 100+ years or more, but have been interpreted for the modern listener. Awash in John Fahey-style finger-picking Fussell’s take on these song is reminiscent of Jorma Kaukonen’s psychedelic-tinged folk-blues solo debut Quah. Check out his take on the track “Furniture Man,” a tune that was first recorded in the 1920s:

Label: Paradise of Bachelors

Number Of Tracks: 9

Running Time: 43:16

Guest Musicians: Nathan Bowles (Steve Gunn), Nathan Salsburg (Alan Lomax Archive), Nathan Golub (Mountain Goats), Joan Shelley, Casey Toll (Mt. Moriah)


  1. Jump For Joy
  2. Have You Ever Seen Peaches Grow on a Sweet Potato Vine?
  3. Pinnacle Mountain Silver Mine
  4. Furniture Man
  5. Bells of Rhymney
  6. Billy Button
  7. Canyoneers
  8. St. Brendan’s Isle
  9. Lowe Bonnie

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Dopapod – II Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was II

The Scoop: Six years after issuing I Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was I, Northeast jam quartet Dopapod has released the second installment of the live album series. II Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was II contains 14 tracks recorded during the band’s Fall 2016 tour and recent visit to Colorado. Included within is the new composition “Trickery” as well as fan favorites such as “Trapper Keeper,” “FABA” and “Picture In Picture.” Listen to “FABA” off the new release:

Label: Self-Released

Recorded By: Luke Stratton

Number Of Tracks: 14

Guest Musicians: N/A


  1. Trapper Keeper > Mudwalkin’ > Trapper Keeper (1/29/17 – Frisco, CO)
  2. Priorities (11/17/16 – Stroudsburg, PA)
  3. FABA (12/30/16 – Covington, KY)
  4. Hey Zeus! Que Tal? (12/9/16 – Iowa City, IA)
  5. Nerds (12/14/16 – Ann Arbor, MI)
  6. Psycho Nature > PLSS > Psycho Nature (1/29/17 – Frisco, CO)
  7. Vol. 3 #86 (12/14/16 – Ann Arbor, MI)
  8. Trickery (12/15/16 – Kalamazoo, MI)
  9. PIcture In Picture (12/30/16 – Covington, KY)
  10. Present Ghosts (11/17/16 – Stroudsburg, PA)
  11. STADA (11/18/16 – New York, NY)
  12. Bluetooth (12/2/16 – Charleston, SC)
  13. Blast (12/2/16 – Charleston, SC)
  14. Bubble Brain (12/2/16 – Charleston, SC)

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Dangermuffin – Heritage

The Scoop: Charleston, South Carolina’s Dangermuffin shows off a new lineup on their sixth release, Heritage. The album is the band’s first to feature drummer Markus Helander of Finland and includes vocals recorded at Charleston’s historic Unitarian Church, a National Historic Landmark built in 1772. Dangermuffin’s eight-track effort is a concept album that according to frontman Dan Lotti aims to bring listeners “right to the shores of South Carolina, where our journey of discovery and healing via music begins.” Check out the single “Ancient Family”:

Label: Dangermuffin Music

Producer: Dangermuffin

Number Of Tracks: 8

Running Time: 30:40

Guest Musicians: N/A


  1. Ode To My Heritage
  2. Waves
  3. Ancient Family
  4. The Sea And The Rose
  5. Ol’ Fidel
  6. Kindred Sun
  7. Methuselah’s Song
  8. One Last Swim

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Compiled by Jeffrey Greenblatt, Ryan Dembinsky, Andy Kahn and Scott Bernstein.

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