Release Day Picks: July 29th New Albums

By Team JamBase Jul 29, 2016 5:10 am PDT

Each week Release Day Picks profiles new LPs and EPs Team JamBase will be checking out on release day Friday. This week we highlight new albums by Chris Robinson Brotherhood and . Read on for more insight into the records we have all queued up to spin.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel

The Scoop: Undoubtedly the best time for a band to cut an album is fresh off a road stint when communication is seamless and collaboration comes second nature. The Chris Robinson Brotherhood did just that for their latest studio output, shacking up on a mountainside in Northern California after heavy touring to flesh out a variety of Chris’ loose sketches for songs for their fourth full length album. Typically, the band hits the studio with finished tunes, but this new approach was much looser by design and it encouraged co-writes with guitarist Neal Casal and keyboardist Adam MacDougall. Casal and MacDougall also served as the core of the Circles Around The Sun project for Fare Thee Well shows, and the Grateful Dead earmarks have definitely found their way into CRB’s material in a meaningful way. Six of the eight tracks clock in at five minutes or longer, so look for a solid balance of indelible songwriting and unhurried psychedelic grooves. Have a listen to the slinky opening track entitled “Narcissus Soaking Wet”:

Label: Silver Arrow Records

Producer: Self-Produced

Number Of Tracks: 8

Running Time: 46:43

Guest Musicians: N/A


  1. Narcissus Soaking Wet
  2. Forever as the Moon
  3. Ain’t it Hard but Fair
  4. Give Us Back our Eleven Days
  5. Some Gardens Green
  6. Leave My Guitar Alone
  7. Oak Apple Day
  8. California Hymn

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Descendents – Hypercaffium Spazzinate

The Scoop: Seminal SoCal punk band Descendents last released an album in 2004. A second reunion brought Milo Aukerman, Karl Alvarez, Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton back together in 2010 and this record marks the first new material since reforming. Over the course of the last three years the bands members sent tracks back and forth from their respective homes around the country, meeting up for a few sessions in Fort Collins, Colorado where Alvarez and Stevenson live. The new album also finds the band returning to Epitaph Records for the first time since the release of their 1996 LP Everything Sucks. A five-song EP Spazzhazard is being released today as well featuring outtakes from the Hypercaffium Spazzinate sessions. Here’s the album track “Without Love”:

Label: Epitaph Records

Producer: Bill Stevenson, Stephen Egerton

Number Of Tracks: 16

Running Time: 31:01

Guest Musicians: N/A


  1. Feel This
  2. Victim Of Me
  3. On Paper
  4. Shameless Halo
  5. No Fat Burger
  6. Testosterone
  7. Without Love
  8. We Got Defeat
  9. Smile
  10. Limiter
  11. Fighting Myself
  12. Spineless and Scarlet Red
  13. Human Being
  14. Full Circle
  15. Comeback Kid
  16. Beyond The Music

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Compiled by Ryan Dembinsky and Andy Kahn

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