Reid Genauer & Folks Announce Live Album ‘Extended Release’


Reid Genauer & Folks unveiled a new live album entitled Extended Release. The 11-track effort contains songs recorded during shows at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City, Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and at the Jerry Jam Festival in New Hampshire.

The “Folks” featured on Extended Release include guitarists Jon Trafton, Adam Terrell, Scott Metzger and Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz as well as keyboardists Melvin Seals, Jason Crosby and Danny Eisenberg, bassist John Leccese, drummer Dave Diamond and percussionist Yahuba Garcia-Torres. Extended Release begins with “Conspire To Smile,” the title track from Reid’s collaborative 2018 album. Takes on The Band’s “The Weight,” ALO’s “I Wanna Feel It” and Old & In The Way’s “Midnight Moonlight” are also among the songs featured on the record.

“For those that couldn’t make it to the shows it’s a window into the creative process, for those who were there it’s a chance to relive little moments musical transformation, for those who were ‘over served’ it’s a chance to remember what it was that happened and hear themselves scream ‘Free Bird’ in the background while the band grimaced,” Genauer explained. He came up with the name Extended Release for the following reasons:

  1. The shows were/are a link in the extended process of rolling Conspire To Smile out from itch to inception.
  2. The performances represent the extended release/relief that live music provides – if nothing else just for me personally
  3. The tracks are in fact extended versions of the songs. They’re interesting to listen to because this was a group of musicians who had never played together and in some cases had never played the material. We had zero rehearsal. If you listen you can hear the band find each other in the music. While I’m obviously not the most subjective arbiter of “goodness” in regards to these performances, I was none the less moved by the emotional and sonic nuance that these folks found and musically articulated.

Stream Extended Release below:


Extended Release Tracklist

  1. Conspire to Smile (First live performance)
  2. The Weight
  3. Sideways Train (feat. Adam Terrell)
  4. People Get Ready (Feat Melvin Seals)
  5. Sometimes
  6. Look At Miss Ohio (feat. Jon Trafton)
  7. Mercury Blues (feat. Scott Metzger)
  8. Sun Shot
  9. I Wanna Feel It (feat. Dan “LEBO” Lebowitz)
  10. Whistle Clock
  11. Midnight Moonlight (feat. Melvin Seals)