Rainbow Girls Release ‘Rolling Dumpster Fire’ EP

Stream the Bay Area trio's new EP.

By Nate Todd Dec 6, 2021 8:45 am PST

Rainbow Girls released their Rolling Dumpster Fire EP. The Bay Area trio heralded the full release by issuing a single each Monday for the past several weeks culminating in the EP’s arrival today.

As the pandemic sidelined live music, the concept for Rolling Dumpster Fire grew out of Rainbow Girls’ weekly virtual performances, which delighted fans but also brought new ones into the fold. The trio compiled highlights from those plays into a Bandcamp exclusive “virtual live album” album titled While We Wait. But now that the waiting is over, Rainbow Girls sought to reward their fans who stuck with them throughout the pandemic.

“We wanted to give back to the people who showed up to support us when we weren’t able to play in-person shows,” the trio said in a statement. “We recorded these songs in our home studio, set a dumpster on fire, and hatched a plan to leak this little record to the public one song at a time, by way of our Monday night Facebook Live video series.”

Rainbow Girls kicked off the EP rollout with the first single, “Free Wine.” They followed with “Santa Ana,” “Doesn’t Make Any Sense” and more.

“Witty, heartfelt, sometimes sarcastic, and always honest, the 5-song set acknowledges the common sadness and stress we all are experiencing in one form or another right now,” press materials for the EP noted. “It’s an assessment of our current shared cultural moment — the despair, the uncertainty — and how this unique experience has highlighted the importance of coming together as a community. These songs serve as a time capsule for a period when we were all forced to stop, rethink, and in many ways, reshape our entire lives.”

Stream Rolling Dumpster Fire below:

  • Rainbow Girls Announce New EP ‘Rolling Dumpster Fire’

    Rainbow Girls Announce New EP ‘Rolling Dumpster Fire’ 

  • Rainbow Girls Share ‘Santa Anna’ Single

    Rainbow Girls Share ‘Santa Anna’ Single 

  • Rainbow Girls Share ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ Single

    Rainbow Girls Share ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ Single 

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