The Radiators Celebrate 44th Anniversary At Tipitina’s

The New Orleans icons held three celebratory concerts at the legendary venue.

By Andrew Wetzler Jan 24, 2022 1:55 pm PST

On the weekend that Tipitina’s celebrated their 45th anniversary (January 13 – 15), New Orleans-based The Radiators hosted their three-day 44th anniversary party at the storied rock hall. Last year’s reunion shows were only offered virtually so, these shows took on extra significance as an overdue Fish Head reunion.

As a refresher, the Radiators announced their retirement from touring in 2010. Since that time, the only Rads shows have taken place in New Orleans during Jazz Fest (at the Fair Grounds or other venues around town), in addition to their reunion shows at Tipitina’s. Having built a deep fan base with Tulane/New Orleans college students over four decades and touring extensively across the country, people flew in from coast to coast to see the band and their friends.

Starting at 11:11 p.m. each evening, the Rads covered a significant amount of original music while also folding in numerous covers including The Rolling Stones (“Paint it Black,” “Wild Horses”), Little Feat (“Willin,’” “Spanish Moon”) and Neil Diamond (“Solitary Man”).

With respect to their own catalog, the Rads included several songs from their first release and legendary live album Work Done On Premises that was recorded at Tipitina’s in 1980, including “Number Two Pencil,” “Stealin’ a Feelin’” and “Baby, I’m the Creepin’ Vine.” Over the course of the weekend, they dug into the balance of their discography all the way through their 2018 album Welcome to the Monkey House.

Another note from a setlist perspective was the inclusion of the title track from lead guitarist Camile Baudoin’s 2021 release This Old House, a fabulous collection of tunes, many of which fans of New Orleans music would be sure to know.

A challenge that bands constantly face on tour is exhausted-sounding voices, so it was not uncommon (when the Rads toured) to hear a strain in Dave Malone or Ed Volker’s voice after multiple back to back shows. While Fish Head nation has lamented the limited opportunities to see the band, they were richly rewarded with a well-rested, fantastic-sounding weekend of music.

After running around Uptown and the French Quarter all day, then eating a NOLA meal (as returning tourists do), the traditionally late start time seemed like a formidable mountain to climb, but once the show began, the aging audience was ready to go! The mornings after may have been a bit rougher than we had remembered, but we’ll have plenty of time to recover.

To suggest that 90% of the folks in Tips knew every word to every song would not be much of an exaggeration. Those of us who had our musical orientation deeply embedded in the New Orleans music scene in the 1980s and 1990s have a deep in the night recognition that every now and then, you need to party til the money runs out (or your energy), cause you can’t take it with you when you go.

Green River | January 13

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The Radiators at Tipitina's

Set 1
  • Green River  
  • Law of the Fish
  • Shine Tonight
  • You Ain't Goin' Nowhere  
  • Devil's Dream
  • Spanish Moon  
  • Baby, I'm the Creepin' Vine  
  • Hold Back the Flood
  • Let the Red Wine Flow
  • Cocktail Music
  • Love Ain't Love
  • Doubled Up in a Knot  
  • Love Is a Tangle  
  • Mountain Jam  
  • That 'Ol Whistle Blowing  
  • Chevy '39
Set 2
  • Between Two Fires
  • King Earl
  • Trick Bag  
  • Confidential
  • Time to Rise and Shine
  • Hallelujah I Love Her So  
  • Crazy Mona
  • What's Good for the Moose
  • I Shall Be Released  
  • Danang
  • Broke Down Engine  
  • Corrina
  • Screw Loose

Welcome to the Monkey House & This Old House | January 14

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The Radiators at Tipitina's

Set 1
  • Welcome to the Monkey House
  • This Old House
  • Make Fire  
  • Paint It Black  
  • Fountains of Neptune
  • Bop Bom Do Dayo
  • I Don't Speak Love
  • Pass the Hatchet / Cold Cold Cold / Little Mazerati / Patty Don't Party / I Don't Wanna Grow Up / Fire / Pass the Hatchet
  • Honey Bee  
  • Nail Your Heart to Mine
  • In The Fall Of Dark
  • Go Down Swingin'
  • Like Dreamers Do
Set 2
  • Suck the Head / Hot Lube / Gummin' Yo' Nub
  • Crawfish Head
  • Wild Horses  
  • River Run
  • Sylvie
  • Make You Say Hot Dog
  • Say Those Magic Words  
  • The Tears of a Clown  
  • Stealin' a Feelin'
  • Bottle of Red Wine  
  • Junker's Blues
  • Tipitina  
  • How Far to the Horizon?  

Sittin’ On Top Of The World | January 15

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The Radiators at Tipitina's

Set 1
  • Sitting on Top of the World  
  • Roll Um Easy  
  • Searchin' for Soul
  • Ghosts Along the Mississippi
  • Wild and Free
  • Little Sadie  
  • Willin'  
  • 16 Monkeys on a Seesaw
  • 7 Devils
  • Solitary Man  
  • Hard Rock Kid
  • The Wrong Road
Set 2
  • Barnburner
  • You Gotta Move  
  • Dr. Doctor  
  • Murder in My Heart for the Judge  
  • UFOs Exactly
  • Down on the Corner  
  • Raindancer  
  • He Ain't Give You None  
  • All Along the Watchtower  
  • Lucinda  
  • The Magnificent Seven Theme  
  • Cissy Strut  
  • Barney Miller Theme  
  • Cissy Strut  
  • Jigsaw
  • Keep On Poppin' That Shine
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