Promising: Invisible Familiars, Talk In Tongues & Dommengang


Invisible Familiars: Disturbing Wildlife

Invisible Familiars is the NYC-based project of Jared Samuel who combines a singer/songwriter craftsmanship with broad strokes of psychedelia and modern grooves. The trio’s debut LP, Disturbing Wildlife, is full of wanna-hear-more songs that are both catchy and compelling. The band, with guitarist Robbie Mangano and drummer Tim Kuhl, seems to connect a lot of New York dots as far as different cliques of musicians and Samuel enlists some none-too-shabby guests like friends Nels Cline, Miho Hatori and Stuart Bogie. As far as debut albums go, Disturbing Wildlife is a pretty impressive start, and of course, they kill it live as well. Check ‘em out!

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Talk In Tongues: Alone With A Friend

Moving across to the West Coast, we have Talk In Tongues, who, like Invisible Familiars, have a Beatles-based new-psych sound. Still, these days that doesn’t set you too far apart from dozens of bands. Thankfully, on their debut album, Alone With A Friend, the quartet takes off in several directions from this launching pad, crafting earworm pop and funky dance songs inside that ’60s pastiche that makes for some fun listening.

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Dommengang: Everybody’s Boogie

Finally, we return back east for the debut album from Brooklyn-based Dommengang. What’s not to love about an LP called Everybody’s Boogie? Don’t be fooled, this ain’t no disco record, this is some intense, fuzzed-out rock and roll with heavy doses of garage, psych and metal…kind of a modern-day Canned Heat-meets-Can head bang/space out music, about half instrumental and 100% in-your- face. Explosive drums and distorted-blues guitar riffage are the hallmarks of this excellent first effort.

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