Pro-Shot Video: Tom Hamilton Helps The Disco Biscuits Close Out Camp Bisco


The Disco Biscuits concluded their 2017 Camp Bisco festival at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Saturday with three sets that included a guest spot from longtime collaborator Tom Hamilton.

After a strong first set from The Disco Biscuits, featuring a first-time inverted version of “Highwire,” the band returned to the stage for a non-stop second set of music. Beginning with “Morph Dusseldorf” > “Above The Waves,” the band then welcomed Tom Hamilton to join for a jam out of “The Champions,” Bob Marley’s “Exodus” and the end of “Above The Waves.” The Disco Biscuits and the guitarist segued back to “Morph Dusseldorf” to bookend the second set as confetti flew across the venue.

The third and final set featured another jam-heavy solid block of music including a premiere of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” in the jam for “Helicopters.”

The Disco Biscuits then encored with “Spraypaint,” concluding yet another Camp Bisco, a festival they started in 1999.

Watch pro-shot video of all three sets:

[Set One]

[Set Two]

[Set Three]

Setlist (via

Set One: Caves of the East > Loose Change, Bernstein And Chasnoff > Highwire [1] > Tempest > Bernstein And Chasnoff, Mulberry’s Dream

Set Two: Morph Dusseldorf > Above The Waves [1,2] > The Champions [3] > Exodus [3] > Above The Waves [1,3] > Morph Dusseldorf [3]

Set Three: Mindless Dribble [4,5] > Helicopters > I Feel Love [6] > Tricycle > Air Song [5] > Helicopters

Encore: Spraypaint

  • [1] Inverted version (first ever Highwire inversion)
  • [2] Middle
  • [3] With Tom Hamilton on guitar (came out during The Champions outro jam)
  • [4] Dub version
  • [5] Unfinished
  • [6] First time played (Donna Summer); instrumental version
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